Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a program that provides the tools and capabilities needed to maintain the relationship with customers before and after sales.

CRM manages sales leads, accounts information, adds and organizes contacts, and automate schedule meetings. CRM help your sales team work more effectively and can create a sale faster. Erasoft CRM also have the capabilities managing marketing Campaign and therefore increase sales activities. With CRM, a company can increase its quality of service and create an impression to the customers that they are given personalized services, and consequently it will gain customers loyalty.

CRM are easy-to-use, Web-based, and available on a subscription basis. With CRM, organizations can act immediately to improve sales, service, and marketing effectiveness – while still keeping strategic options open and without compromising cost-effectiveness or user adoption.


Marketing & Sales Force Automation

  • Leads information activities
  • Leads analysis by leads source, line of business, leads period or segmented market
  • Assign sales leads to sales person or to sales team
  • Automatic contact schedule system
  • Contact management by contact schedule
  • Flexible setup business process with parameter control
  • Monitoring contact activities of the sales person or the sales team
  • Monitoring probability level of potential customer
  • Monitoring the performance of the sales person or the sales team
  • Create quotation and order facility
  • Sales, AR and product history and information
  • Marketing campaign by sms or email
  • Customer information database
  • Link to other modules such as sales Order, Inventory Control, Account Receivable module

Customer Service & Support (Optional)

  • Complaint Receiving Facility from Internet or SMS
  • Early warning respond time received by SMS or E-mail
  • Monitoring complaint status
  • Outstanding complaint status report
  • Keeps track of Complete Information Histories
  • Keeps Track of Customer Satisfaction after Sales Service
  • Link to Service Management Module

Others Facility

  • Dashboard & report facility
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express
  • Support to Web Technology or WAP Technology

Built thee customer-centric enterprise application


Align marketing processes and drive customer demand using functionality for marketing resource management, segment & list management, campaign management, lead management, trade promotion management, and marketing analytics.

Quickly deploy marketing functionally in an on-demand model and transition to CRM as business needs evolve.


Maintain focus on productive activity to acquire & grow profitable relationships through extensive selling functionality that supports the management of sales planning and accounts and contacts, opportunities quotations, orders, contracts. Deploy sales management functionally in an on-demand model and transition to CRM as business need evolve.


Drive service revenue and profitability with support for service sales and marketing, service contract management, field service, e-service, and channel service.

Interaction Center

Maximize customer loyalty, reduce costs, and boost revenue by transforming your interaction center into a strategic delivery channel for marketing, sales, and service efforts across all contact channels.

Activities such as telemarketing, tele sales, customer service, shared services, and interaction center management are supported.

Channel Management

Attain a more profitable and loyal indirect channel by managing partner relationships and empowering channel partners. You can improve processes for partner recruitment, channel marketing, and analytics for partners and channels.