Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset help you to manage dan control your assets such as calculation the depreciation of Asset with depreciation method like straight line, Double Declining, Declining (Tax) and also provide calculation Tax depreciation with method like Straight line,

Double Declining, Declining (Tax), and can monitoring your Moving Asset between room at the office or between your branch, Keep History of Maintenance and Repaired Assets, Opname Asset to track the position of asset from all location or branch, and provide reports to analyze the depreciation and make automatic depreciation journal and then link to General Ledger Module.


  • Flexible to Setup Assets Code Structure
  • Multiple braches and Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Currency
  • Flexible to set up Group of Level Assets
  • Keep history moving assets
  • Keep history maintenance and repairing of assets
  • Depreciation calculation with 3 method option like straight line, Double declining, Double declining (Tax)
  • Depretiation calculation for Tax Facility
  • Opname Assets Facility
  • Link to General Ledger Module