Inventory System

One of the most difficult things to control in trading or manufacturing company is “Inventory Control”. This cause by several problems such as Number of Item, Item Type, Item Group, and Variation of Transaction. With Inventory System, you can handle almost all of these problems quick and easier.


  • Multiple Warehouses
  • User Defined Costing Method (FIFO, Average & Standard)
  • User Defined Inventory “Group” (5 Groups)
  • Inventory Transfer Facilities
  • Inventory Analysis with Control of Maximum, Minimum Quantity & Moving Code
  • Inventory Aging Report
  • Inventory Moving Code Analysis
  • Support for Assembling Item
  • Up to Date and Real Time Quantity on hand Control
  • Stock Taking Facilities
  • Inventory Valuation Control
  • Inventory Status Control such as Qty On Hand, Qty On Order, etc.
  • Inventory Control by Cost Center
  • Flexible & User Defined Reporting System with Crystal Report Facilities
  • Flexible and User Defined Account Number for Link to General Ledger Module