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Odoo accounting is simpler and powerful. The ‘perpetual closing’ helps you to get a real time reporting of the financial performance of your company, at any time of the year, including amortization and earnings, all viewable on beautiful reports.

Odoo Accounting supports multiple currencies but also automate business flows with inter-company rules, and is ready for 45+ countries, off the shelves.

Project Management

Plan your tasks, anticipate your constraints, share your tasks with your clients, collaborate with tools such as live chat,… all those features in your Open Source Software Management Odoo.

Those are tools which help you to drive your project to a success within the deadlines.

Human Resources

Odoo HR provides an easy and efficient way for managing human resources with modules for personnel information management, leave, time tracking, attendance‚ expenses, payroll, periodic evaluations, and recruitment. Jobs, Departments, Employees Details, Timesheets, Attendances, Activities.

Inventory Management

Decrease your process times, automate transactions, reduce your stock levels and get complete traceability on all operations with the Odoo double entry inventory system. Receive and send faster the goods thanks to the new bar-code scanner mechanism.

Everything is in one single interface : just scan the goods and confirm the reception/sending of those just by using the scanner. With the shipper integration (DHL, USPS, UPS, Fedex) Odoo generates the sending label from the Shipper with all the necessary information. Track & trace your packages from Odoo.


  • Get the best from your supply chain.
  • Improve your inventory performance.
  • Simply create and track your purchase orders,
  • Manage your suppliers’ info,
  • Control your products reception process and check suppliers’ invoices.
  • Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vendor Bills.


Odoo MRP : manage bill of materials, plan manufacturing orders, track work orders. Schedule manufacturing orders and work orders automatically. Review the proposed planning with the smart Kanban and Gantt views. Use the analytics features to detect bottleneck in resources capacities and inventory locations.

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