Sales Invoicing

Sales Invoicing helps you to Manage And Control your sales administration work, such as Delivery Order (D/O), Invoice (Business Invoice and Tax Invoice) and give you an Accurate Information of your Sales Analysis Status.


  • Flexible and User Defined Parameter Setup such as Protection of Minus Quantity, Protection of Credit Limit, etc
  • Flexible and User Defined Business Flow
  • Multi Pricing Control including Protection of Minimum Selling Price
  • Multi Currency System
  • Multiple Discount (Up to 5 level ) by Product & Customer
  • Target Sales Control by Product, Customer, Sales and Area
  • Configuration Item Facilities
  • Up to Date Customer AR and Inventory Status Information
  • Up to Date and Real Time Quantity on Hand Control
  • Flexible Sales Analysis Report by Customer/ Salesman / Area / product / etc.
  • Tax Reporting System
  • Link with General Ledger, Account Receivable, Inventory and Sales Order Modules